Why FreeIncorp?

Located in Singapore’s next second Central Business District, FreeIncorp is a local firm with highly competent professionals who have at least 20 years of relevant experience in the field of company incorporation, corporate secretarial, accounting and payroll services. We strongly believe that expensive start-up fees should not be a deterrent for aspiring entrepreneurs and cost-conscious business people. Most importantly, we are able to help our clients to incorporate their companies within 1 hour, hassle-free.

We are the first service provider who is willing to go the extra mile to help our clients to incorporate their new companies in the comfort of their homes or
offices with our Mobile Incorporation Service.* This is just one of our FreeIncorp experiences that our clients appreciate and value.

We are also one of the rare service providers in the market who are willing to keep our office open for our clients after office hours, during weekends and even public holidays.  Just make one phone call for an advance appointment* and we will be there to help you.

All of us at FreeIncorp are committed to offering the best incorporation packages to help kick-start your business. Our specially designed packages have the highest sign up rate amongst successful entrepreneurs as we provide the best value to all our clients.

Being a firm with proven track records, we are proud that some local platforms have also mentioned us on their websites and one of them is Best in Singapore which usually writes on reputable firms in their respective industries.  Do read about us on their website.