Information Required for Incorporation

We recommend that you prepare the following information before you begin incorporating your
business to ensure that the process is as fast and smooth as possible.

  • Company Name – Please provide 3 preferred company names in order of preference.
  • Business Activities – Please provide the business activities as detailed as possible (please
    note approval of licence may be required for certain industries before incorporation).
  • Directors –
    • Full Name as in NRIC/Passport/ID
    • NRIC/Passport/ID No.
    • Residential Address
    • Local Mobile Number and Landline Number
    • Email Address
    • Copies of NRIC/Passport/ID
    • Copies of the last 3 months of utilities/telephone bills
  • Shareholders –
    • Full Name as in NRIC/Passport/ID/Certificate of Incorporation
    • NRIC/Passport/ID/Registration No.
    • Residential/Registered Office Address
    • Name of Authorised Representative of Legal Entity (for Corporate Shareholder only)
  • Company Secretary –  Shall be provided as per the terms and conditions of our agreement.
  • Registered Address –  Our office address can be used as your company’s registered address
    as per the terms and conditions of our agreement.
  • Paid-up Capital – from S$1 to S$100.

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