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Find the right Company/Corporate Secretary in Singapore

Don’t just outsource your corporate secretarial work to corporate service provider! It is important to outsource to the right company secretary who is competent from the start to save yourself a lot of headache and trouble further down the road.

Finding the right company/corporate secretary or secretarial firm is not an easy task. Most people would simply search on Google to find their secretarial services firm. However, it is difficult to determine which secretarial firms are able to deliver the services professionally and within reasonable timelines based on the information on their websites. In addition, there are misconceptions about the role and duties of company secretaries. Many people assume that anyone can easily be qualified for the position and that a Company Secretary is just a name that appears on official statutory documents in compliance with government statutory requirements. In actual fact, a Company Secretary plays a key role in ensuring that the company he or she serves as Secretary remains compliant with the government’s regulations. A Company Secretary is also responsible for:
  • Filing requirements and the filing of important company documents such as incorporation documents, yearly financial statements, shareholder resolutions, board resolutions, shareholders’ agreement(s)
  • He or she is in charge of updating the company’s statutory registers and ACRA BizFile filing records should there be any changes in the particulars of the company such as its registered office address, directors, shareholders or any other corporate records which the Company Secretary is required to lodge the necessary changes with ACRA, the Companies’ Registrar
A Company Secretary must have a keen understanding of legal requirements and keep themselves up to date with the latest changes. They must also be extremely detail oriented. Below are a couple of basic questions you may ask your potential service providers to ensure that they are the right corporate secretarial service provider for you:

What qualifications does your Company/Corporate Secretary possess?

  • Been a secretary of a company for at least 3 of the 5 years immediately before his or her appointment as secretary of the public company
  • Be a qualified person under the Legal Profession Act, Cap. 161
  • Be a public accountant registered under the Accountants Act, Cap. 2
  • Be a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
  • Be a Member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
  • Be a Member of the Association of International Accountants (Singapore Branch)
  • Be a Member of the Institute of Company Accountants, Singapore

Can your Company Secretary perform the following tasks?

  • General advice on the company’s secretarial practice
  • Maintenance and updating of Minute Books and Statutory Registers
  • Preparation of AGM documents and Annual Return Filing with ACRA (with no additional charges except ACRA filing fee of $60)
  • Drafting of resolutions, meeting documents, corporate documents and ACRA filing of changes in directors, share capital, shareholders and shares.
  • Drafting of customised company’s Constitution based on client’s requirements
  • Liquidation, de-registration or striking off of companies
  • Drafting and preparation of meeting agendas and other pertinent documents at client’s instructions
Hence, it is imperative that you engage a competent and competitive company secretary who is able to give you the right advice and is responsive to your queries at all times.

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Hire FreeIncorp As Your Corporate Secretarial Services Provider in SingaporeWhy Hire FreeIncorp As Your Corporate Secretarial Services Provider in Singapore?

So you’re hunting for corporate secretarial services in Singapore! Perhaps, you wish to outsource important corporate matters to a reliable service. Maybe, you plan to focus on core activities without assuming secretarial responsibilities. No matter the reason, hiring a responsible service can do wonders for your business. Despite this fact, many corporate organizations hesitate to outsource secretarial matters. If you’re one such business owner, consider the perks of employing a reliable service to arrive at a better decision.

Why you need to choose experienced corporate secretarial services in Singapore?

Company secretarial services play a vital role in any organization’s needs. They ensure that the company complies with the administrative requirements. Typically, a company secretary ascertains that the organization’s board procedures are in place. Furthermore, the secretary is accountable for shareholder communication and administration, and corporate governance. Essentially, the company secretary reduces the burden of management and governance of the company’s directors. Managing daily chores along with administration tasks could be a challenge for company directors. It’s here the professional corporate secretarial services step in to help out.

Benefits of hiring us as your company secretarial services provider

Many companies are skeptical about outsourcing this important task. They doubt whether the service in question will live up to their expectations. However, reliable corporate secretary like us play our part in governing your company while exercising confidentiality and ethics. Here are the important reasons for engaging our secretarial services.

Accurate, timely & consistent management in your corporate secretarial matters

Reliable services tender consistent handling of administrative affairs. Whether it’s corporate governance or compliance, our services take care of the jobs effectively. With trained and highly-qualified staff, we ensures the smooth functioning of your company affairs. Through our efficient and effective handling, your company gets peace of mind from being booked for late document submission, non-compliance, or inaccurate reports.

cost of hiring company secretaryCost

Cost is a major concern for most companies, especially newly-formed businesses. Companies that succeed in cutting their costs at all levels are able to price their products and services competitively. On the flip side, organizations that fail to curtail their costs lag behind and get out of the competition sooner or later.

No smart business would ever want to face such situations. The cost doesn’t confine to the production of goods and services. Rather, it extends to management, training of personnel, and a lot besides. Your budget and cost could skyrocket if you stick to in-house secretarial practice.

Outsourcing the job to a reputed service is a cost-effective option. We, as a reputed corporate secretarial service provider in Singapore save your cost on hiring and in-house training. Not just that, your company saves big bucks on infrastructure costs, employment taxes, and overhead expenses.

Knowledge and experience in company secretarial mattersKnowledge and experience in company secretarial matters

A professional company secretary like us ought to have in-depth knowledge of the company law and associated matters. While most secretaries possess expertise and degree, many of them lack experience. In case you form a new company, an inexperienced secretary could lead you into problems unintentionally.

We, as a reliable outsourced service in Singapore has a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The managerial needs and statutorily requirements are carried out easily, efficiently. Through our experience and knowledge, you could scale your business smoothly under all circumstances.


When it comes to corporate secretarial services, you need someone you could rely on. You may hire your own in-house company secretary, or other company secretary. However, you can’t be sure about his dependability. What if the person in question doesn’t align with your needs? In case the in-house secretary is inefficient, the efficiency and productivity of your whole organization will take nose-dive.

Are you ready to face such situations? No! So, why not leave this job for professional services like us? Our service will provide secretaries that are not only efficient but experienced and expert. You may rely on us for all of your secretarial chores. From administrative activities to regulatory requirements, you can count on an outsourced service in times of need.

Convenience and responsibility of a corporate secretarial services

People cherish convenience at all levels. Corporate organizations in Singapore are no exception to this tradition. You may wonder what convenience has to do with us as your outsourced company secretary. First of all, outsourcing relieves you from headaches associated with monitoring a company’s secretary. The outsourced service assumes this responsibility.

All you’ve to do is tell the secretary about your expectations and daily routines. We will handle everything related to our scope. You may expect the job to be completed within the given time frame. In case something goes wrong, we as your company secretary is accountable for the mistakes. That gives immense relief knowing that you’ve someone in place to take care of secretarial chores and issues thereon.

Comprehensive corporate secretarial services package we offerComprehensive corporate secretarial services package we offer

If you hire an in-house company secretary, he’ll perform his duties within his scope. You can’t expect him to perform beyond his job scope. While that’s okay, you may need urgent help on other matters concurrently. Outsource to our corporate secretarial services give above our work scope and tender the much-sought help.

Whether it’s matters relating to production or sales, our consultation services offer the expertise effectively. We have a team of experienced professionals, you can be sure of suitable solutions during pressing situations. You pay for one service but reap the benefits of varied services.

FreeIncorp.sg Persistent supportPersistent support

Support is paramount for any company. From production or sales, you need help and support all the time. Although your in-house professionals or other outsourced secretary may perform optimally, they might lack creativity. Perhaps, the economy is passing through a bad phase. During tough times, you need help and assistance on future problems with suitable solutions.

Other secretary will hardly help with this matter. We, as your professional corporate secretary in Singapore, come to your rescue to help out. These services keep track of the global economy and warn our clients on time. Even better, we are ready with appropriate solutions that may save you from a financial disaster. Essentially, hiring us as your company secretary can help you resolve various future problems before they materialize.

Bottom line

Professional corporate secretarial services in Singapore contribute immensely to any organization. However, a single mistake on the part of a company secretary could be deadly and lead you into a multitude of problems. It’s best to outsource the job to an experienced team. In return for a modest charge, you enjoy convenience, reliability, quality services, and persistent support.

So, get in touch with us today for your corporate secretarial’s need…