GST Registration

GST Registration

GST Registration Services

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Our Aim

We aim to help you navigate your business taxation requirements. We will offer you 24/7 assistance and guidance to make the best decisions that will positively impact the growth of your business.

Why Choose Us?

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What Sets us Apart?

  • Supportive and competent team
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Our Services

At FreeIncorp, our team will help you navigate your business taxation requirements. We will offer you 24/7 assistance and guidance to make the best decisions that will positively impact the growth of your business. We offer the following services;

  • Application of tax ruling
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Assistance in tax incentive process
  • Assistance in tax planning
  • Income tax calculations
  • Reposing to queries
  • Assistance on corporate tax filing for new companies
  • Gst Registration services
  • GST reporting services

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Trained professionals

Our team consists of professionals that have undergone training to carry out GST registration services. They have attended various taxation training programs and seminars, making them the best for this job.


At FreeIncorp, we ensure that our clients deliver the best GST reporting services at affordable rates. There will be no hidden charges or interests.

We have thousands of clients who are completely satisfied with our work and have utilized our services for years. At FreeIncorp, we pride ourselves on assisting individuals in managing their business tax concerns at extremely reasonable and affordable rates.

Collecting GST- Conditions

If your company’s business has an annual turnover above S$1 million, you are required to collect GST tax.

Also, if you have already\applied to become a GST registered company with IRAS, then you can avail this opportunity of collecting GST.

If you are not a GST registered firm, it is illegal to collect GST tax.

Benefits of GST for The Government

Government can take benefit from GST in several ways, including;

  • It helps generate a relatively stable tax income that helps in economic stability.
  • The tax has a low cost of collection and administration, which makes it efficient for the government.
  • The government can also benefit from GST by getting more foreign investments.
  • This will eventually reduce unemployment.

Procedure for GST Registration

If you want to get registered for GST, here is the procedure that you need to follow;

  1. A Singapore Goods and Services registration form (GST F1) must be sent along with all the required documents.
  2. An extra form with the details of all the partners is required.

If you are an overseas registrant, you will be provided with a separate application form. You will also be required to appoint a local agent on your behalf.

The registration process is normally completed in 3 weeks, and after that, you get a GST registration letter. This letter contains all the necessary information about your business, some instructions, and your GST number.

What does GST apply to?

GST is applied on the number of goods, including;

  • goods and services that are supplied by GST-registered people and companies
  • Imported goods

How will our GST Registration Services Help your Business?

  • Getting your business registered for GST will create a positive image for the customers and give them the surety that your business is established and trusted.
  • It is a trusted and fair tax system. The procedure is also quite simple and online.
  • GST does not hold for the investment and savings. So, you can start saving without any additional taxes.

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