Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Lost track on CPF contribution requirements or salary computation? Fret Not, our dedicated payroll team takes away your worries that all you need to do is to make your employees happy to build your business empire together with you…

Base Fee of $200/Month + Any One of the Following:

(1-20) employees


(21 – 40) employees


(41 – 80) employees


(81 to 100) employees


HR Payroll Services

Payroll Services Singapore By FreeIncorp.

Payroll is not an easy chore at all. It takes a lot of time and might even drain all your energy. So, why not hire a professional for it? Yes, you read it right. FreeIncorp Singapore is offering you some great HR payroll services that can benefit your business in the long run. We will help you accomplish your objectives by improving your organization’s productivity- managing accounts outstandingly.

By hiring our team for Payroll services Singapore, you can completely put your mind at ease. Our professional will solve all your issues in no time, and you can spend all your energy on other fruitful activities.

Contact our team today, and get amazing payroll services for your company at cheap rates.

Payroll Activities

Payroll activities are tedious and time consuming. If you want to focus on other company tasks, hiring a professional payroll service provider might be a better choice. They will help you manage payrolls without compromising the confidentiality of the information.

If you hire a professional payroll service provider, you will see that they will provide you ample support by managing anything you require.

At FreeIncorp, our aim is to provide our clients with the best HR payroll services in Singapore, at affordable rates. Our purpose is to support you and your staff to alleviate the extra burden on your shoulders. We will make sure that all your payroll activities are done smoothly, keeping in mind of all the rules and regulations of the government.

Services Provided

At FreeIncorp, we have an expert team trained to provide you a range of services that include:

  1. Managing the information of employees and workers
  2. Salary calculations
  3. Deductions
  4. Special bonuses and allowances
  5. Commissions by company
  6. Overtime and salary variations
  7. Processing leave claims, paternity leaves, and maternity leave claims.
  8. Issuing salary or payslips
  9. Preparing and issuing tax forms
  10. Preparation of annual income forms
  11. Processing leave requests
  12. Issuing appointment letters

It’s time to take care of your employees with our special payroll services Singapore.

We have been helping many organizations from all over Singapore to increase their productivity. At FreeIncorp, our specialized team will help you and guide you in taking strategic human capital decisions that will benefit your business eventually in the long run.

We aim to reduce you and your team’s burden as much as we can. We assure you that your information will be kept confidential at each level when you are hiring our services. Our payroll service providers use the latest technology and software that assure the minimum chances of human error. So, let’s improve your company’s efficiency and take it to greater heights of success.

By outsourcing your payroll services Singapore to FreeIncorp, you will be able to use your energy in other productive business activities. So what are you waiting for! Hire us today and open up your company to some great opportunities.

  • Easy tax management
  • Saving time for you
  • Accurate payments
  • Motivated and satisfied team
  • Direct deposits
  • Special payroll reports
  • Mobile application services
  • 24/7 customer support

Why Choose FreeIncorp?

If you want to outsource that tiring and voluminous payroll tasks to a reliable and trusted company, Freeicorp will be the ideal choice for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose FreeIncorp for HR Payroll services Singapore. We help you in:

  • Achieving cost savings
  • Improving service quality
  • Reducing your work burden
  • Allowing you to concentrate on core corporation activities
  • Improving confidentiality of information
  • Managing accounts and payrolls with the latest technology

Benefits of Choosing us?

Our services will help your company achieve the desired growth and performance objectives. Here are a few advantages of hiring our payroll services team for your company.

  • You will get a well maintained and proper appointment and termination records
  • All the legal requirements will be kept in view for any activity
  • You will be able to save a lot of your precious time that you can invest in other business activities
  • Your employees will be relieved and relaxed
  • All the aspects of payrolls will be taken care of properly
  • You will be able to manage things accurately.
  • All the payroll services are offered at quite affordable rates
  • There are no hidden charges and fees.
  • Your deadlines will be kept in view
  • Each and every step will be taken in accordance with the payroll laws and regulations
  • There will be no human errors
  • Timely management of all the activities and tasks
  • Employee satisfaction

Payrolls and Employees

Employees and workers are the strength of every business and company. So, focusing on their satisfaction is necessary to make your business a successful one. Wondering how increase their motivation?

One method of doing this is assuring that they get paid on time and that all their interests are fulfilled. This will aid you in establishing a trust level with your employees.

Contact us today and let us manage all your payroll tasks. You can visit our visit for all the information. In case of any questions, you can reach us via email. Our team will reach out to you to clear all your queries and issues at our earliest convenience.