Strike Off Company Services in Singapore

We understand how it feels to close a business. We are here to help you in managing the cost to close it with our most empathetic packages. Most importantly, we are able to advise you on the criteria for striking-off that must be compiled with prior to any striking-off process.

Striking Off Packages Fees From
Package A (Dormant since incorporation, no bank account, no accounting transaction, no debt, etc.) S$350
Package B (Active, Paid Up Capital less than $10,000, Revenue & expenses less than $5,000, has bank account(s), held AGM before, no trade payables, no debt, no asset, etc.) S$650
Package C (Active, Paid Up Capital more than $10,000, Revenue & expenses more than $5,000, has bank account(s), held AGM before, has trade payables, debts, etc.) S$900

Why Choose Our Strike Off Company Service in Singapore?

Why Choose Our Strike Off Company Service in Singapore

Are you planning to close your business in Singapore? If so, you aren't alone. Many people shut their venture for one or the other reason. Shortage of funds, stiff competition, and economic uncertainties are the key reasons for closures. No matter the reason, shutting down a business involves a series of steps. When you take the painful closing decision, you may not be willing to go through the process. It's here our strike off company service comes in handy to resolve your worries.

What does striking off a company mean?

Put simply, it means de-registering a company from the list of the register of companies. The outsourced service that assumes this responsibility is termed as the strike off company service. The procedure aims at dissolving the company in Singapore.

The registrar of companies may take their own motion to strike off a company. The promoter or founder of the company may also opt for the strike off procedure when the company ceases its business or trading. However, striking off doesn't absolve the company's members and officers of their undercharged liabilities.

Difference between strike off and winding up a companyDifference between strike off and winding up a company

Most business owners think of winding up a company to shut their venture. While winding up is another solution, it's a more formal procedure. In this case, a liquidator should be appointed to manage the realization and distribution of the assets of the company.

Usually, striking off is a better bet for those businesses that haven't been active or those that don't own assets or liabilities. On the flip side, a company declared insolvent can only be wound up. A service committed to the strike off company procedure can offer comprehensive advice and suggestions on this point.

The registrar of companies in Singapore could take actions to strike off a company when no liquidator is acting or the liquidator has defaulted in filing particular returns after the company's affairs are wound up. The registrar may also take the strike off action when a company doesn't have enough assets to reimburse for the court order regarding its dissolution after its affairs have been wound up.

Why choose us to assist in striking off your company?

Do you think the process is so simple? No way! Rather, it's a tedious process that involves substantial time. Wandering from one room to another for the strike off procedure in Singapore could take a heavy toll on your daily life. You need someone to help out with the procedure. It's here we step in to ease your worries. Hiring our strike off company service is beneficial for many reasons.

Compliance and handling in striking off your companyCompliance and handling

De-registering your company from the list of the register of companies isn't a cup of tea. A ton of formalities ought to be complied with. Not just that, you should be ready with all the papers associated with the closure process. If you fail at any point, the process won't finish.

When you outsource the task to our team, you get peace of mind. We handle the process for you. Plus, we ensure all the formalities are properly complied with. This, in turn, paves the path for a smooth strike off company procedure.

save timeSave time

Some entrepreneurs think that shutting a venture in Singapore might be easy. Just file an application and the job is over. Do you think so? If yes, you're wrong. You've to visit the registrar office multiple times to comply with various formalities. Even worse, you've to communicate with the liquidator or act on his behalf to file pending returns.

That could eat plenty of time on your part. Today, time is a driving force behind any person. After closing a company in Singapore, you may be eager to start another company. Consequently, it may not be possible for you to dedicate time to the closing procedure. If you invest time in completing your formalities, you may lag behind on other important priorities.

No smart person would ever want to waste time and lose opportunities. It's best to rely on an experienced strike off company service. We save your valuable time by assuming all the labor. By outsourcing the process to our experts, you get to focus on other important activities. While you try to shape your new company and its potential future, we work hard to close your existing company as quickly as possible.

Convenience and accountability

Who doesn't love comfort and convenience? Whether it's an ordinary individual or a corporate professional, everyone cherishes convenience in all walks of life. This applies to the closure of business too. Even if you don't intend to start a new company soon, you'd love the convenience of not going through the hassles of closing a company.

We tender the much-sought comfort and convenience you prefer. Even better, we assume all the responsibilities of the strike off company in Singapore. All you should do is provide the necessary papers to us and relax. We'll complete the striking off formalities and let you know when the company is closed.

Save moneySave money

You may assert that hiring a strike off company service in Singapore might cost money. So, how can you save money? Well, we save you money in various ways. First of all, we file all papers on time and avert penalties. Additionally, we charge a reasonable sum for our expertise. If you compare the penalties and hassles you save, you'll conclude that hiring our expertise is a far more affordable option.

excellent supportSupport

Perhaps, the most important reason why people prefer our strike off company service is constant support. Many business owners think that once the company is closed, the problem finishes. While it's true, certain issues may pop up in the future. Perhaps, the registrar needs clarification on certain papers (if cited by a third party). We offer enhanced support to resolve such worries. You pay once and reap the benefits of our services for years.

Final thoughts

Shutting down a company in Singapore might be a painful task. Plus, you may likely miss out on important aspects when closing your business. It's best to rely on an expert strike off company service like us. In return for a modest sum, we handle the process for you.

Get in touch with us and we profess to deliver the best results quickly.